Best program to introduce your 6 to 8 year olds to Robotics and Coding..

This program is for students brand new to Robotics and Coding to generate interest. In the initial couple of months the course focus on generating interest in robots and playing with them through drag and drop kind of coding. Kids get to control the virtual robot as well as the real robot in our labs these few months. Kids also get to write additional programs that control the virtual robots, games etc.. by use of coding. Then see that working in the next class in the real robots.

In the following months we introduce basic concepts of computer programming like sequences, Loops, Events, Conditionals, Functions etc.. via interesting projects around those. By the end of the school year course, students are expected to be comfortable with these basic programming concepts and be ready to use more complex programs like scratch, may be starting level of python (depending on students). Also be ready to handle more complex robots in our Level 1 programs.

The difference between a regular scratch/blockly/python course and our is two. 1) This is a Robotics course using real robots. 2)Focus on understanding the basic principles of programming, which can be used to learn and program any programming language.

What NOT to do: This is not for kids who already know some coding, either scratch, python or anything else… Could be boring for them!

Prerequisites: None. We provide everything required for the class including access to robots.

We offer this course as online class, Online Private and Group coaching and also IN-PERSON private and group coaching at students homes. See our private coaching page for details…


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